Meizhou (Chinese梅州 市) is a prefecture-level city in Guangdong province in the People's Republic of China. Meizhou is located in the northeast of the province and is bordered on the northeast by the Fujian Province and in the northwest of the province of Jiangxi. The city government is located in the district Meijiang. Most people in Meizhou Hakka speak.


Meizhou was formed in the 9th century as a prefecture. The city of Meizhou was finally established in 1988.

Administrative Divisions

Meizhou is made up of two districts, five counties and one independent city. These are:

  • Municipality Meijiang (梅江 区), 323 km ², about 306 100 inhabitants;
  • Municipality Meixian (梅县 区), 2755 km ², approximately 610,000 inhabitants;
  • Dabu county (大埔县), 2470 km ², 520,000 inhabitants;
  • Circle Fengshun (丰顺 县), 2710 km ², approximately 660,000 inhabitants;
  • Circle Wuhua (五 华县), 3226 km ², approximately 1.19 million inhabitants;
  • Circle Pingyuan (平远县), 1381 km ², 250,000 inhabitants;
  • Jiaoling County (蕉岭 县), 957 km ², 220,000 inhabitants;
  • Xingning City (兴宁 市), 2104 km ², approximately 1.12 million inhabitants;


  • Ye Jianying, former President of the People 's Republic of China