Melbeck is a municipality in the district of Lüneburg, in Lower Saxony in Ilmenau. It is the administrative seat of the velvet municipality Ilmenau.

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The municipality belongs to the Melbeck Parliament Constituency 48 Elbe and the Bundestag constituency 38 Lüchow -Dannenberg - Lüneburg.

Parish council

The local council of Melbeck has 15 members, including the mayor.

  • CDU - 5 seats
  • SPD - 5 seats
  • Green - 2 seats
  • UWI - 1 seat
  • BLI - 2 seats

(As at municipal election on September 11, 2011)


The busy B 4 leads to the towns of Lüneburg and Uelzen. The approximately 19,100 cars and 1,500 trucks per day reduce the quality of life for adjacent quarters. There, one hopes for the speedy construction of the federal highway 39, which is to be built, among others, with the aim to relieve Ortsdurchfahrten.

In addition Melbeck is connected by the county roads 7, 10 and 33 directly with every other member municipalities.


Between 1913 and 1977 the town was connected indirectly via the railway station Melbeck - Embsen to public transport. The district Melbeck station is about 1.5 km away from the town center. 1928 private bus Lüneburg Melbeck was set up, went over to the local railway in 1930 and was extended over Kolkhagen to Barnstedt. After the war, having been added Bahnbus line Lüneburg- Uelzen - Melbeck; later, the line - Lüneburg Barnstedt was extended by a ring guide on Embsen and HafencityBP.

Melbeck is now located on the southern border of the Hamburg Transport Association, which opens Melbeck with the four lines (line 5600, line 5604, line 5606, line 5700 ). These provide access to all neighboring communities as well as to the nearby Lüneburg Lüneburg terminus ZOB among others transition to regional and long-distance train route between Hanover and Hamburg and Lübeck -Lüneburg railway line and to other bus routes. CCG also operates the Stade several times a day, a further line (line 5605 ), which connects with the community Melbeck Bienenbuttel and its train with regional transport and the ability to switch offers in more bus routes.

Through the district Melbeck Station, the railway runs Soltau Luneburg, however wrong here only museum traffic.


In Melbeck there is a kindergarten and a primary school ( Ebstorfer road). It is home to the private school Lüneburg Heath (Protect road). 1 billion, the GLH - Planet: Through the village a model of the solar system on a scale of 1 draws.


In Melbeck there are several sports clubs, these include the SV Ilmenau 1923 eV with three natural grass pitches for football as well as a fitness center and a clubhouse at the site in Melbeck. Other sports offered in neighboring German - evern. The shooting club Melbeck and its environs from 1921 eV has two firing ranges, and an archery range. Campsite is located and the holiday village Melbeck with tents, caravans and camper vans and a canoe rental with boat launch at the Ilmenau. The volunteer fire department Melbeck has a fire station on the B4.

"House at Osterberg " ( evangelical community center )

Artwork watermill

Development area Lustgarten

The water mill of Melbeck

The otherwise busy B 4 during a road closure ( before conversion )

The entrance of the north

Neighboring communities