Melfort, Saskatchewan

Melfort (City of Melfort ) is a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, which has set itself the title of City of Northern Lights ( "City of Northern Lights " ) awarded.


Melfort is located approximately 95 kilometers southeast of Prince Albert. The place became the 12th city ( City ) of Saskatchewan declared in 1980, after a few years earlier the requirements for that population exceeded 5,000.


The surrounding neighborhood was first settled in 1892, about 2.4 km south of the present town were the first houses. The settlement was known as Stoney Creek. The later name Melfort comes from the first post office in the region, which was named after the wife of Indian Inspector Reginald Beatty, Mary Campbell of Melfort Melfort, from Argyleshire, Scotland. Reginald Beatty was already in 1890 one of the first settlers in the area around Melfort, even for him, a small settlement was named, the place Beatty is located approximately 13 kilometers northwest of Melfort.


Melfort also was one of the first railway stations in the region, which established a today active commercial center in the really rural countryside.

Culture and Sport

A certain proportion of the population Melforts originated from Ukrainian immigrants, which is why there is a Ukrainian folk club, the Melfort and District Ukrainian Dancers, and the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit. The city also has the Melfort and District Museum.

Ice hockey is the most popular sport as anywhere in Saskatchewan, and the Melfort Mustangs, the city is a team in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Arthur Hill (1922-2006), Canadian theater, film and television actor
  • Jaden Schwartz ( * 1992), ice hockey player