Melmoth, KwaZulu-Natal


Melmoth is a city in the South African province of KwaZulu -Natal. It is located in the municipality in the district Mthonjaneni uThungulu. 2011, the town had 7,814 inhabitants.


Melmoth is situated in northern KwaZulu -Natal, about 200 kilometers northeast of Durban. Until Empangeni there are 73 km, 52 km to Eshowe and Ulundi to 53 km. The city lies at a height of 811 meters above the sea level.

The average rainfall in Melmoth is 838 millimeters. Most precipitation falls in the summer (October to March). The lowest amount of rainfall there are 10 millimeters in July. Most precipitation falls in January (127 mm). The average high temperature in Melmoth varies from 20.3 ° C in June to 26.5 ° C in January. The coldest month is June. Here are the minimum average night at 7.5 ° C.


Melmoth was founded in 1887 by the British after they had annexed Zululand. The place was by Melmoth Osborn, the former Standing Commissioner ( Resident Commissioner ) of Zululand, named. In 1900 broke out in Melmoth from a gold rush that lasted but only very briefly. In the surrounding area there are old mining sites today.


The economic pillars of the city are agriculture and tourism. It is cultivated mainly sugar cane and operated forestry. In addition, Melmoth is considered commercial center. From Melmoth from many tourist attractions of Zululand are easily accessible, which is why the city is called the gateway to Zululand. The South African edition of Trivial Pursuit called Melmoth as the place with the cleanest air in South Africa.