Melpers is the smallest municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in Thuringia. It belongs to the administrative community Hohe Rhön, which has its headquarters in the town of Kaltensundheim.

Geographical location

Melpers is located six kilometers south of Kaltensundheim and three kilometers north of Fladungen in the Rhön Mountains, on the border of Thuringia to Bavaria. The district lies in the valley of the litter that the Main flows through the Franconian Saale, and is separated from the rest of Thuringia by a 600 meter high towering mountain range, which culminates in the 662 -meter high mountain setting and represents the watershed between Main and Werra / Weser. The Federal Highway 285 is the only on local road that opens up Melpers. It overcomes the ridge west of the mountain setting with an increase to 597.7 meters.


For the first time the church was mentioned in 1317 as Albrechtis. In the 14th century the village had completely disappeared and was re-established only in 1555, after the sons of the Saxon Duke Frederick the Magnanimous had acquired the office Lichtenberg. The place belonged to since its front court from which it was separated by the territorial würzburgische Office Fladungen. 1587 the village church was built, which still stands.

The Würzburg Landwehr on the heights north of Melpers, an approximately 30 -foot-wide medieval fortifications strip of wall and ditch, later territory of the Kingdom of Bavaria, separated the to the district court district Ostheim belonging exclave from the home country the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar- Eisenach.

While the exclave Ostheim was affiliated since 1945 of the American occupation zone and thus became part of Bavaria, Thuringia Melpers was on the side for decades hard on the Inner German border in the restricted area of the Soviet occupied zone and the GDR. The inner border fence closed, partially against the home gardens. Since reunification Melpers is because of this boundary layer part of the Green Belt Germany. Federal highway 285 ended on the Bavarian side until 1989 as a parking lot in front of a zugeketteten gate with a view to Melpers.


Parish council

The council consists of the mayor and six other elected municipal council members.

  • Wählergemeinschaft Melpers 5 seats
  • Individual candidate 1 seat

(As at municipal election on June 7, 2009)


The honorary mayor Sonja Bittorf was re-elected with 88.9 % of the vote on June 6, 2010 for a further six -year term.