Melz is a municipality in the southern part of the Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern. It is administered by the Office Robel -Müritz based in the city Robel / Müritz.


The community Melz on Melzer lake is located in the Mecklenburg Lake District, between Robel / Müritz and the upper Eldetal. The hilly terrain around Melz reaches 76 m above sea level. NHN. The city Robel / Müritz is about eight miles away, Priborn approximately three kilometers.

To Melz include the districts Augusthof, Friedrichshof and Karbow.


The area was inhabited by Melz at the beginning of the Bronze Age, about 3800 years ago. After this point the rod Dagger finds of the excavations in 1970. 1298 appeared Melz first time in a document. To the owners of the goods in Melz included the families of Werle, by Hahn and last ( 1732-1945 ) of Ferber.


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  • Melz village church made ​​of brick in 1816; the predecessor of the end of the 13th century was demolished it.

Economy and infrastructure

Melz is now a modern village with many new homes. The agriculture and small craft enterprises dominate the community that has kept their population in contrast to the trend in Mecklenburg largely constant.


The Federal Highway 198 from Plau am See to Neustrelitz runs through the municipality. The motorway junction Robel of the federal motorway 19 (Berlin- Rostock) is about twelve miles away, the nearest railway station about 16 kilometers and is located in Mirow.


The association formed in 2005 Village Church - Melz, who already had 50 members in 2008, sits at the restoration of the village church, improving the water quality of Melzer lake, the appreciation of a historical figure of Melz, architect Hermann Willebrand, and participation the design of a village life.