Men in Trees

Men in Trees is an American television series created by Jenny Bicks with Anne Heche in the lead role from the years 2006 to 2008. During this series is about a book author and life counselor who separates from her unfaithful fiancé and after Elmo, a fictional city in Alaska, pulls to start a new beginning. Elmo is full of single men, they can be found on every corner and even life in the trees. In the first episode, the author goes whereas these considerations through the town and comes at an established American 's Danger Shield (orange lozenge on a tip) with the text " Man in Trees " by which warns branches ausschneidenden workers. The television series was produced by Vancouver in Canada by Tree Line Films, Perkins Street Productions and NS Pictures, Inc. in association with Warner Brothers Television.


The successful guides author on the subject of "love", Marin Frist, is close to her own wedding when she arrived for a lecture by Elmo, Alaska. On the flight time discovered on the notebook of her fiancé, she took instead of their own, pictures of her fiance with another woman, and therefore decides to separate from him. Add to Elmo Marin Frist to operate the radio host and hotel owner Patrick Bachelor give a talk to the predominantly male population of the city. Due to their personal situation decides deadline to stay in Elmo and works for the radio station. In addition, she is working on a new book.

For time is the New Yorker, initially not easy to get used to life in the small town and nature, but then integrates into the local community. They are mainly relationship advice and shows among others traveled to her Elmo fan Annie O'Donnell along with Patrick Bachelor. Period itself begins a relationship with the biologist Jack Slattery, which is turbulent and breaks due to the release of her new book.

Production and broadcast notes

Originally 13 episodes from the U.S. television network ABC have been commissioned that should be aired in the fall of 2006. After the first broadcast episodes from the audience had been relatively well received, it was decided on 28 October 2006, initially four more episodes at Warner Brothers Television to order. Just one week later, on 8 November 2006, it was decided, a back -nine order for a full season with 22 episodes to commission and reorder the remaining episodes.

On 12 October 2007 ABC began airing the second season.

On 3 December 2007 ORF 1 and SF have two started with the airing of the first season in Germany. VOX showed the first eleven episodes of the first season from 4 January 2008. Broadcast was interrupted from March 14, 2008 for bad odds. On 9 July 2008 the broadcast, however, was resumed. After a repetition of the sequences shown the first season joined seamlessly to the new episodes; however, moved the series from 1 October 2008 back to the time slot to 23:00. Also SF two took off his charisma, because the series did not have sufficient success. ORF 1 also prematurely ended the series.

An exact date for the release of Season 1 on DVD has not been announced.

On 4 May 2008, the series was officially hired by ABC after two seasons with a total of 36 episodes. The decision was justified by the lack of ratings. Since this was already apparent, two versions were for the end shot (season or series end ).