Menelaus (son of Lagus)

Menelaus (Greek Μενέλαος; † after 284 BC) was a Macedonian general in the time of Diadochenkriege of the 4th century BC.

He was a son of the Macedonian nobles Lagos and Arsinoe, which was probably related to the Macedonian royal house. His brother was the founder of the dynasty Ptolemy. Together with Seleucus and the support of the city of King Nicocreon Soloi he conquered during the third Diadochenkrieges 314 BC the island of Cyprus. Here he officiated after death Nikokreons 311/310 BC. Underling as his brother in the office of strategists Presumably, he also became King of Salamis City, as he struck coins there with his name. The rule of the " Ptolemies " ( Ptolemies ) on the island, he defended the crackdown on the rebellious town King Nicocles of Paphos.

During the fourth Diadochenkrieges Menelaus was 306 BC does not prevent the landing of Demetrios Poliorketes in Cyprus and was wrapped by this in Salamis. A relief attempt of his brother Ptolemy failed in a severe defeat at sea, after which Menelaus had to abandon the island. Cyprus was conquered by BC Ptolemy again and now permanently 295.

Menelaus was the first eponymous priest of the deified Alexander ( Alexander Ptolemaic cult ) officiates five terms as, with only his last two terms of office in the thirty-ninth ( 285/284 BC) and fortieth ( 284/283 BC) year of the reign of Ptolemy I are occupied. through papyrus finds.