Meneng District

Meneng (also Menen / Menen ) is a district on the island nation of Nauru. It is located in the south of the island. Meneng is 3.1 km ² and has 1,380 inhabitants. It is adjacent to Yaren in the west, to Buada in the northwest and to Anibare in the Northeast. Meneng belongs to the same constituency Meneng.

In the east of the district is the Menen Hotel, the more expensive of the two tourist accommodation on the island ( a youth hostel in Aiwo ). DC just north of the hotel is the Anibare Bay. In the field Menengs Ibwenape, is named after the former name of a local land piece. The Alsatian priest Alois Kayser was built on Ibwenape a Catholic church. Today it is Protestant as Meneng Congregational Church, however, is the Nauru Congregational Church, the largest church community in Nauru at.

On the grounds of the State House, the now-demolished residence of the President, now home to the Nauru Detention Centre.

Other institutions in Meneng are:

  • The telegram station
  • The printing office of the Government
  • The new national stadium, Menen Stadium ( still under construction )
  • The Menen Infant ( Meneng - preschool)
  • The refugee camp (Nauru Detention Centre)
  • The village Ibwenape
  • Cape Menen


  • Baguga Paner ( born 1980 ), Australian football player and tennis player
  • Reanna Solomon ( born 1981 ), Women's Weightlifting