Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

The Mercedes -Benz SLR McLaren ( Series 199 ) is a standard developed by Mercedes -Benz and McLaren supercar. It was produced from 2004 to 2009 from McLaren in Woking, England (assembly ) and Portsmouth ( body shell ).

Based on the Mercedes -Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut coupe of the 1950s, this car also was equipped with butterfly doors and characteristic vents on the sides and on the hood. The production was limited to 3500 copies, of which a total of 2157 copies were delivered. 2010, there were 46 new registrations in Germany.

Engine / Transmission

The SLR has a supercharged V8 engine with 5.4 liter displacement and 460 kW ( 626 hp), which produces 780 Nm of torque. For better weight distribution and in favor of a better handling of the engine behind the front axle is fitted ( front mid- engine ). The super sports car accelerates in 3.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and reaches a top speed of 334 km / h

Brake discs made ​​from carbon - ceramic decelerate the vehicle without fading. The power is transmitted through a five-speed automatic transmission.

SLR has an exhaust system with side-mounted behind the front axle tubes ( so-called side pipes ). This system had to be specially approved as Sidepipes in Europe are usually not allowed for safety reasons.

The engine is manufactured by the Mercedes- Benz subsidiary Mercedes -AMG in hand.

With a Brabus tuning the SLR makes 486 kW ( 661 hp) at 6500 rpm. Its top speed increases to 340 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 3.6 seconds. With the racing exhaust system, however, the Brabus version is not approved for road traffic in Germany.


The body is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP ) and is modeled on a Formula 1 car in some details. It has a cage, the so-called "Spider". The only part of the body that is not made ​​of carbon fiber, the aluminum motor mount.

The electronically adjustable rear spoiler can generate additional downforce on the rear axle and also act as an air brake at high speeds.

After a possible accident, the car has to be measured there into English Woking.

Special SLR 722 model

The special model is available since July 11, 2006, the engine delivers 478 kW ( 650 hp) and need for the standard sprint 0.2 seconds less. At a speed of 200 he takes a regular SLR 0.4 seconds off, top speed is around three km / h higher than this, and thus at 337 km / h Apart from the engine were still front bumper, brake system ( by the Italian manufacturer Brembo with carbon brake discs ), suspension (including lowering), modified, 19 -inch wheels and rear diffuser.

The SLR 722 Edition to commemorate the victory of the British racing legend Stirling Moss and his co-driver Dennis Jenkinson on the classic Italian endurance race Mille Miglia. The starting number of the SLR 300 was the 722, which was awarded after the start time to 07:22 clock. They drove 1000 miles in 1955, the long distance in a Mercedes- Benz 300 SLR in a time of 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds. This corresponded to an average speed of 157.65 km / h on a public road.

Later, it was also a roadster version of the 722 launched ( Roadster 722 S). Of the 722 Edition and the Roadster 722 S respectively 150 copies were produced.


  • Engine: Mercedes -Benz M 155 supercharged V8 (from AMG)
  • Engine power: 478 kW ( 650 hp)
  • Transmission: AMG Speed ​​Shift R five-speed automatic
  • Displacement: 5439 cm ³
  • Torque: 820 Nm
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 3.6 s
  • Acceleration 0-200 km / h: 10.2 s
  • Acceleration 0-300 km / h: 28 s
  • Maximum speed: 337 km / h
  • Weight: 1724 kg
  • Finish: Crystal Antimony Grey
  • Fuel: Super Plus
  • Trunk: 272 l
  • Prices: from € 476,000


A total of approximately 300 parts were changed on the car. This resulted in a power increase of 18 kW ( 25 hp ) and 40 Nm compared to the normal SLR. Through the use of lighter oil tanks, insulation materials, a damper housing made ​​of aluminum and carbon components in the footwell and the rear wheel arches also a weight reduction was achieved by 44 pounds. The price is more than 20,000 € on a regular SLR.

Limited to 150 cars Mercedes has been revised considerably among others on the chassis. It is equipped with 19- inch alloy aluminum wheels that make the car by 18 kg lighter. In addition, the 722 Edition is 10 mm lower to the road. This has the consequence that the suspension is firmer, which allows higher cornering speeds. By lowering the roll motion of the car has been lowered by 20%.

The custom built by the Italian manufacturer Brembo carbon-fiber reinforced ceramic brake discs allow better delay values ​​. In addition, the front brake discs have grown to 390 mm. Because of the new brake configuration also a new ESP control was installed.

The new visible change in body contains carbon fiber elements, which facilitate the vehicle 26 kilograms. In 100 hours of meticulous work in the wind tunnel of the output was increased and decreased the flow resistance. The front spoiler edge, small Luftleitklappen front of the rear wheels and a steeper angle of the rear spoiler to increase downforce by about a third. The executed in carbon fiber front spoiler edge painted clearly improves aerodynamics and increases the output of the front axle by 128%. Small of CFRP executed spoilers reduce air turbulence at the rear axle. The output was enhanced to 122 kilograms. In the high -downforce position of the so-called Airbrake at 35 °, the total output increased by a further 50 kilograms. The result is an even more precise handling and turn-in at high speeds.

There is also in the 722 Edition individually selectable transmission modes as M (Manual), S (Sport) and C ( Comfort). New shift paddles behind the wheel speed up the gear changes.

Inside, the sports seats are now covered with semi-aniline leather. This leather also continues to appear in combination with Alcantara. Also striking is the grippier racing steering wheel with gearshift paddles and black carbon fiber applications that are intended to give the flavor of motorsport.

Presented is the 722 Edition only selected guests at the race track in Le Castellet, southern France. This is due to the newly established global SLR Club, which offers well-heeled customers many events and special driving training. Among the instructors are among others, the former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard and Jochen Mass and the Seat Leon Supercopa driver and DTM - presenter Christina Surer.

SLR 722 GT

In the fall of 2007, the SLR 722 GT was presented. This is a limited edition of 21 pieces racing version of the regular 722, which is being built by the British racing company RML Group. Is used of 722 GT in the SLR Club Trophy, a part of the SLR Club Experience. There again were revised more than 400 parts.

  • Engine power: 500 kW ( 680 hp )
  • Torque: 830 Nm
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 3.0 s
  • Maximum speed: 337 km / h
  • Weight: 1390 kg
  • Power to weight ratio: 2.0 kg / hp

SLR Stirling Moss ( Z 199)

The last variant of the SLR of 2009, the SLR Stirling Moss was offered. This has neither a roof (not even a temporary roof ) nor a windscreen. Only a cover for the passenger side was included. The design is originated in reference to the 300 SLR of 1955. The motor is identical to that of the 722 version. 75 copies were produced.