Mercédès Jellinek

Baroness Mercédès Adrienne Manuela Ramona Weigl, born Jellinek, divorced Schlosser ( born September 16, 1889 in Vienna, † February 23, 1929 in Vienna ) was a daughter of the Austro -Hungarian diplomats, and car dealer Emil Jellinek and his wife Rachel Goggmann Cenrobert. It is namesake of the automotive brand Mercedes -Benz.

Early on, her father developed an interest in cars and straightened after the death of his wife in 1893 an office in Nice one. In 1897 he received his first car of Daimler -Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG ). At the Tour ride Nice Magagnone -Nice on March 21, 1899 16 hp Daimler racing car scored the first prize, Emil Jellinek had registered under the pseudonym Mercédès. In April 1900, Jellinek ordered 36 Daimler car - a third of the annual production - and called for the construction of a new car, which he named Mercedes, and of which the first was delivered on December 22 to Nice. In March 1901, the new car has achieved great success in the race weekend in Nice.

On March 26, 1902 Mercedes was registered as a protected trademark of DMG.

Mercédès married in 1909 the Viennese Baron Karl Schlosser in Nice, with the 1912 they were the daughter of Elfriede and 1916 the son of Hans -Peter got. After 14 years, she separated from her husband in 1926 and married the Viennese sculptor Rudolf Weigl, but he died after a few months of consumption. Mercédès himself died in 1929 of bone cancer and found in Vienna's Central Cemetery their final resting place. Although one of the most famous car brands bears her name, Mercédès Jellinek himself has never owned a car.

After Mercédès ' facial features Undine was co-designed the main character of Undinebrunnens. This is located in Baden near Vienna and was created by the Carinthian sculptor Josef Valentin Kassin. Kassins figures of Undinebrunnens were molded from live models. Kassin also made ​​the statue of a woman of action Jellinek family grave at Vienna's Central Cemetery on the model of Mercédès Jellinek.

Her son was arrested during the German occupation of France by the Gestapo in 1944 and rescued by the U.S. Army, the daughter was subjected to persecution by the Nazis. Your one years older brother Raoul Fernand Jellinek -Mercedes perpetrated under the pressure of anti-Semitic persecution in 1939 suicide.