Merchweiler is a municipality in the district of Neunkirchen, Saarland. It consists of two districts: Merchweiler as namensgebendem district and Wemmetsweiler.

  • Born in 5.1 Merchweiler
  • 5.2 connected with Merchweiler


Merchweiler was first documented in 1291 as " Morchevilre " and belonged to the county Saarwerden. From 1527 Merchweiler belonged to the County of Nassau -Saarbrücken. 1717 was the place to rule Illingen.

Merchweiler was originally a farming community, but also industrial companies, including a glass factory, a coal mine and a brick from the 18th century.

On January 1, 1949, the municipality Merchweiler retired from the County Illingen and received an independent administration. After the territorial and administrative reform that led to the merger of the formerly independent communities Merchweiler and Wemmetsweiler on 1 January 1974, it was decided to hold the administration present in both districts. This ultimately led to today's current distribution of the individual offices to the two town halls in Merchweiler and Wemmetsweiler.


Parish council

Allocation of seats in the municipal council (as of municipal elections on June 7, 2009):

  • CDU: 15 seats
  • SPD: 12 seats
  • LEFT: 4 seats
  • FDP: 1 seat
  • GREEN: 1 seat


  • Mayor from 1974 to 1984: Willi Ries ( CDU)
  • Mayor from 1984 to 1994: Gerhard Bermann (CDU )
  • Mayor from 1994 to 1998: Edwin Dyer (SPD )
  • Mayor from 1999 to today: Walter Dietz (CDU )

Community partnership

Since 1987 Merchweiler has a community partnership with the French community in Canton Falicon Nice.

Culture and sights

See: List of monuments in Merchweiler

The Catholic parish church of St. Michael and the Town Hall in Wemmetsweiler are tourist attractions. The nature reserve "Upper Merchtal " and the recreation area Itzenplitz Heiligenwald lie partially on the territory of the municipality.

In elementary school " to Striedt " in the district Wemmetsweiler is a local history museum.


Merch hamlet is on the Autobahn 8 (Perl - Bad Reichenhall ) connected and the Federal Highway 1 to the national road network, not only in Germany but also in Luxembourg and France. In addition, the district Merchweiler has a stop at the Fischbach Valley Railway Lebach - Illingen - Saarbrücken, the district Wemmetsweiler at the track Illingen (Saar) - Homburg.


Born in Merchweiler

  • Peter Baltes (1897-1941), politician ( NSDAP)
  • Dieter Enderlein (1944-2004), Athlete
  • Gabriele Bozok (* 1953), politician ( Alliance 90/The Greens )
  • Uwe Haas (born 1964 ), professional at the 1 FC Cologne, youth national team and Under-21 national team

Connected with Merchweiler

  • William Hector, important architect, built 1898-1899, the parish church of St. Michael in Merchweiler - Wemmetsweiler
  • Otto Eberbach, architect, district architect, town hall Wemmetsweiler 1926
  • Anke home ( b. 1957 ), local politician and member of parliament
  • Eugen Roth ( born 1957 ), politician, Member of Parliament, lives in Merchweiler
  • Cornelia Hoffmann- Bethscheider (* 1968), local politician, and former member of parliament Landrätin