Mercury Mail Transport System

The Mercury Mail Transport System is a mail server for POP, SMTP and IMAP.


The modular system can be controlled either via command line or a graphical interface. The advantage of the modular design is that users only need to take the server modules in operation that are really needed. A content control spam fighting and a mailing-list module ( listservs ) and other functions are integrated. About third-party plugins Mercury also offers anti - spam and anti - virus capabilities.

Mercury supports some features of the mail client Pegasus Mail by the same developer, and therefore works especially well with this together.


Mercury has been around since 1993. The original version for NetWare requires a smart host for connection to the Internet. It also does not support IMAP. There are also versions of Mercury for Microsoft Windows 3.x and MS -DOS. The current generation - Mercury/32 for Windows 9x and Windows NT - supported NetWare continue.


The development of Mercury was discontinued briefly in January 2007 and resumed with a new licensing model. Since Mercury is free only for charitable organizations, private use or a two-month test phase. Previously, only payable for additional manuals fee.