Merneptah was the fourth king ( pharaoh ) of ancient Egyptian 19th Dynasty ( New Kingdom ), and reigned from 1213 to 1204 BC


  • Merneptah
  • Menepthah
  • Amenophat
  • Merneptah Merneptah Ramses
  • Set ( h) i- Merenptah

More titles

  • Horus name: The rejoices in Maat and other
  • Nebtiname: The (his ) power can act up to the land of the Libyans. Description: The Ptah appears as the middle of hundreds of thousands to fix the perfect laws in the two countries; Great in power, full of win.
  • Gold Name: The inspires fear and awe bids ( free transfer). Description: The Egypt makes strong, the nine- arch [ ie the enemies of Egypt ] prostrates to give peace to the gods in the two countries.

Family and origin

Merneptah was the third son of Ramses II and his wife Isetnofret ( Isetnefret ) and a total of 13 son of this king. He was married to his sister Isetnofret and Tachat. From this marriage two sons are attested: Sethi - Merenptah and Amenmesse, who followed him to the throne. His principal wife was Bintanat II, daughter of Ramses II (his father ) and Bintanat ( his sister and wife of King Ramses II)


Because of the long reign of his father, his older brothers had already died and Merneptah must have been already at an advanced age, as on June 28, Greg he. ( 19 Achet I) ascended the throne. According to Manetho he reigned 19 years and 6 months, but is the highest occupied date his reign nine years and 3 months (10th year of reign ).

Foreign Policy

Merenptah struck down revolts in Nubia, resisted an attack by Libyans, which some associations of so-called Sea Peoples had connected to the Nile Delta from (see Battle of Sais ). If appropriate reliefs in Karnak Merneptah be assigned, he moved in the Canaanite and possibly Syrian space and struck down revolts in Palestine ( this campaign is controversial in the art world). Narrated is also a supply of grain to the Hittite king Suppiluliuma II, when there was a famine in his kingdom.

A victory stele dating from the 5th year of the reign of Merneptah, known in the literature of Israel Tele, is the first and only mention of Israel in Egyptian texts: among the ruined cities of Canaan is called " Israel " also mentions a group of people who destroyed and exterminated the Same should be.

Dates of the Nile flood

From the reign of Merneptah some dates of the flood of the Nile have survived:

The grave

The grave of Merneptah is located in the Valley of the Kings ( KV8 ) and was the first that was created completely axially. This construction was thereafter retained.

The tomb was open even in ancient times, was found in only two sarcophagi of granite and remains of another alabaster. The mummy was found in 1898 by Victor Loret in the first grave of Amenhotep II ( KV35 ), where they had been hidden at the end of the 20th Dynasty. Mummy of Merneptah is also known under the name The white mummy, because it has a whitish color. Another coffin of the king was usurped by Psusennes I ( Dynasty 21 ). About the origin of the coffin, the Egyptologists are not unanimous. It is believed that it comes from the cenotaph (apparent grave ) Merneptah or from his grave right ( KV8 ) in the Valley of the Kings.