Merrythought Cup

When button Henkelschale (English Merrythought Cup ) is called in modern research a special form of Attic cup.

The button Henkelschale was probably as a refined form of a rural type of tray that was made ​​of wood. The shell shape has to have several special features. So it is the first Attic shell shape, in which the lip was not withdrawn from the shell body. In addition, the handles are striking. They do not form a semi-circle as in virtually all other forms of tray, but rather are curved upward and terminate in a button-like shape. And derives its modern name. The fork- shaped handle even go beyond the shell body, which is also unusual.

At the foot and inside the mostly black shell covered pairs of thin red strip may have been painted. This is reminiscent of East Greek and other Attic ornament shapes. The vases body had an almost hemispherical shape. The first Athenian artist who decorated this shell shape in the black-figure style was the C Painter.

The unteritalische Patera is sometimes referred to as a button bowl with handle.