Meriatum was a son of the ancient Egyptian King Ramses II and his Great Royal Wife Nefertari. He was the fourth and youngest son of this union.

In the procession representations of Ramses 's sons he is called to sixteenth place. Meritatum is the small temple of Abu Simbel, the Hathor Temple of Nefertari is shown. In the Egyptian Museum in Berlin there are two statues of him and in the Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim a stele.

Meriatum was entitled " Big of the beholder ", was high priest at Heliopolis and held this office for about 20 years hold. Around his father Ramses II the twentieth year of the reign he visited the Sinai. On a Ostracon are the work of his grave and that of the Isetnofret, the second Great Royal Wife of Ramses II, noted, which could indicate a funeral in the area of the Valley of the Queens. On the other hand, was found in the mass grave KV5 in the Valley of the Kings, the fragment of a canopic coffinettes his name, so be more specific burial place is not secured.