Merimose was an Egyptian official who under Amenhotep III. (about 1388 to about 1351 BC) officiated. He wore the important title of the Viceroy of Kush, making him the top managers of the Nubian provinces. He is the only known official with this title from the reign of Amenhotep III.


Merimose is attested to numerous monuments. On a stele from Semna is a military companies of Amenhotep III. called the Merimose initiated. A Nubienfeldzug of the ruler is occupied for its fifth year of reign, followed by perhaps the events of this undated stele relate, although this is not certain.

Merimose is still occupied in the 30th year of the ruler at the sed festival, resulting in a term of 25 years. He is also primarily known by a number of rock inscriptions in Lower Nubia.

His grave

His grave is located in Western Thebes ( TT393 ). It was used in the last century as a farm building. There were only few remains of decorations. In the grave chamber were three stacked into each other sarcophagi, fragments thereof located in various museums in the world. From the grave and canopic jars, a statue, and so-called grave cones come. In the 22nd Dynasty Merimose was reburied under Sheshonk I. to protect from grave robbers in the Deir el- Bahari.