A Table Mountain, also called Mesa (Spanish mesa 'table' ), is a mountain with a broad summit level, which is usually a result flat overlapping sedimentary rocks. Its hillsides are often pronounced as a steep slope.

Mesas have in plan usually has an elongated shape, ie, the plateau has a smaller extent in one direction. Typical mesas are found for example in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and in the Franconian and Swabian Alps, where they are the result of shift stages.

Another type are the Table Mountains, whose peaks corridor consists of a lava bed. Here the mountain form is less a consequence of the flat sedimentation, but the hardness of the rock.

List of known mesas

  • Ethiopia the Ambas
  • Table Mountain ( Thule)
  • Ben Bulbs
  • Mountain Etjo
  • Gamsberg
  • Groot Berg
  • Waterberg
  • Szczeliniec Wielki
  • Kistenstöckli
  • Table Mountain (South Africa)
  • Table Mountain (Suriname )
  • Natuurreservaat Table Mountain
  • Děčínský Sněžník ( High Schneeberg ), Elbe Sandstone Mountains
  • UHOST ( Burberg ) Doupov Mountains
  • Badacsony
  • Somló
  • Szent György Hill
  • The tepuis