Meshchera Lowlands

The Meschtschora (Russian Мещёра or Мещёрская низменность - Meschtschora Plain, also German Meschtschera ) is a low level in the oblasts Moscow, Vladimir and Ryazan in Russia.

The area is bounded on all sides by rivers: the north by the Klyazma, in the southwest by the Moskva River, the south by the Oka and the east by Sudogda and Kolp. It is a mainly during the last ice age shaped, slightly inclined in a north-south direction outwash plain dar. In the northern part, the height above sea level 120-130 m, 80-100 m in the south.

The Meschtschora is crossed by the rivers Buscha, Zna, Polya, Gus, Pra, whose valleys are swampy. There are many lakes and swamps and peat bogs. About half of the area is covered by mixed forests.

Part of the Meschtschora take the national parks Meschtschora ( Vladimir oblast ) and a Meschtschorski ( Ryazan ). The western foothills of the Great Plain Meschtschora reach into the city of Moscow in; here they form a part of the Losiny Park.

Reference to Meschtschora have life and work of painters such as Isaac Levitan and Abram Arkhipov, composers such as Alexander Borodin and Sergei Taneyev, writers such as Vasily Grossman, Konstantin Paustovsky, Sergei Yesenin.