Measuring equipment is a commune with 1879 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Meurthe -et -Moselle in the Lorraine region. The inhabitants of measuring equipment are called Messinois.


The municipality measuring equipment is located eight kilometers south of Nancy on the banks of the Canal des Vosges, which leads parallel to the south extending Mosel. Between the canal and Moselle, two lakes (le Petit Etang, le Grand Etang ), which serve to extend recreation. In measuring equipment of the Canal de jonction de Nancy branches off from the Canal des Vosges. It leads south to Nancy around the Rhine - Marne Canal.


Against 400 BC was located on the site of the present measuring equipment a fortified settlement of the Celtic tribe of Leuci - the so-called " Camp d' Affrique ". Remains of about 800 m long city walls are still recognizable today. Later also flourished in the Gallo Romans. From this period dates the name " Messinum ". In the Middle Ages the town won by nearby iron mines in importance. Even today, the area is dominated by the steel industry.



Measuring equipment maintains friendly relations with the German community Wendelsheim.