Messerschmitt Me 210

The Messerschmitt Me 210 was a set up by the German Luftwaffe during World War II two-seat, twin-engine fighter aircraft of class destroyer.


It was planned as the successor to the Messerschmitt Bf 110. Like these also had the first prototype, the Me 210 V1, initially a double vertical tail, but this was replaced by a large single with all other machines. Because of design errors that could bring the machine into the dangerous flat spin, which had been tarnished production stopped and the production of the Bf 110 resumed after 261 aircraft built. 148 copies of the already -built aircraft were converted to long fuselage and equipped with DB 605, so that the problems could be resolved. 64 aircraft with a long torso ( incl 12 V- patterns ) were created from assemblies, so that from German production total of 325 Me 210 were built until March 1943. In Hungary, the production began in early 1943 and a total of 377 aircraft produced until July 1944. Thus, the total production of the Me 210 is located at 702 aircraft, significantly higher than all previously mentioned in the literature numbers. As a further development with a modified wing and more powerful engines of the type DB 603, the Me 410 was put into service from 1943.

Production figures

Sources: Documents from the Federal Archives / Military Archives Freiburg, inventory RL 3, production programs


Comparable types

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