Messerschmitt Me 321

The glider Messerschmitt Me 321 Gigant was a transport aircraft of the German Luftwaffe during World War II.

He was commissioned in 1940 to transport under the company " Sea Lion " troops and war material to England. 200 armed soldiers or a Panzer IV should be able to be transported.


Directed by Josef Fröhlich, the aircraft was constructed under high time pressure within a few months. On February 25, 1941, the Me 321 completed its maiden flight. Lack of high-performance aircraft had to be towed by three Bf 110 (so-called troika drag ). Later, to a Ju 90 was used, which was able to drag and fully staffed Me 321. The charges listed in the literature " numerous serious accidents with the Troika - drag " are described in detail for the airbase Oberstraubing.

The motorized version of the load sailor went in April 1942 for the first time with four engines at the start. It was found that this model was too weak motorized, therefore, the development was Me 323 V2 equipped with six engines.


Mid-1941 were prepared for the Eastern Front Tall Ship squadrons, the 110 inserting as tow planes Bf. 1942, the He 111 was developed as a Z towing aircraft for this task. Total 1942 200 series aircraft in Oberstraubing and Leipheim were built from May / June 1941 to April.