Messerschmitt Me 509

The Messerschmitt Me 509 was a work based on the Me 309 fighter project in World War II. Were acquired as chassis and tail of the 309. Unlike the 309, the engine was mounted but so near the CG bug, but not in the center of the fuselage. This interpretation had already proven itself in the U.S. Bell P -39. The reason for this arrangement lay in the problems with the unusual for that time tricycle landing gear, which occurred during the testing with the 309: The chassis broke frequently because of the heavy engine, which was located directly above it.

The cockpit very well forward should receive a positive pressure ventilation. When driving a Daimler- Benz DB 605 was provided, which should drive on a remote shaft passing ran under the pilot, the forwardmost three-blade propeller.

It is armed with two MG 131 and two MG 151/20 were provided.

The project was completed simultaneously with the 309.

It is believed that the plans were delivered for this aircraft to Japan, where very similar Yokosuka R2Y Seiun / Keiun emerged and flew before the end of the war.


  • Type: Single-engine single-seat fighter
  • Wings: Cantilever low -wing aircraft with trapezoidal wings
  • Hull: construction than all-metal shell with an oval cross-section.
  • Tail: Cantilever cruciform tail.
  • Suspension: Retractable tricycle landing gear. Main wheels inward into the wings, nose wheel while turning of the wheel about 90 degrees to the back under the fuselage nose retractable.
  • Powerplant: One Daimler -Benz DB 605 B liquid-cooled twelve-cylinder in-line engine in reverse V- shape with 1450 hp starting power. Three-bladed propeller. Belly cooler under the fuselage.
  • Crew: 1 pilot in a pressurized cabin with full-vision hood.
  • Military equipment: Armament 2 x 13 mm MG 131, and 2 x 20 mm MG 151/20