Mestia (Georgian მესტია ) is a small town (Georgian: daba ) in northwestern Georgia and lies at an altitude of about 1500 m in the Great Caucasus. It is located in the region of Samegrelo and Upper Svaneti and is the capital of the historical region of Svaneti.

The city is for its stone towers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Approximately 14,500 people live on the territory of the municipality of the same name Mestia, Upper Svaneti includes widely, including about 2600 in Mestia itself ( 2009).

The city is predominantly inhabited by Svan, a closely related ethnic group with the Georgians. It is currently being expanded to the tourist center Oberswanetiens. Just outside the village is the Queen Tamar Airport.

Mestia was modernized between 2009 and 2012 to a large extent. Besides, many of the original houses were demolished and replaced by new houses in the Swiss chalet style. Critics complain that Mestia had thereby lost his face. They fear that in the World Heritage town of Uschguli similar actions are performed.

Mestia is a partner city of the Italian town of San Gimignano.