Metalium was a heavy metal band from Hamburg ( Germany ). It was founded in August 1998 by Lars Ratz (bass and producer). The first cast included, in addition Lars Ratz, Matthias Lange ( guitar), Henning Basse (vocals), Chris Caffery (guitar ) and Mike Terrana (drums). Metaliums debut CD " Millennium Metal - Chapter One " immediately reached the German Media Control Top 100 Charts and highlighted Europe's most successful heavy metal debut of 1999.

The band told in the first four albums under a continuing story about the hero Metalian and Metaliana. In this way, each album is a concept album and a chapter ( Chapter) of the story dar. On later albums spotlight will be turned realistic themes and culminates in the last album called " Grounded " in which the band once again gave proof on the ground the facts are.

The band with bassist and producer Lars Ratz has highlighted 13 years mainly due to their reliable durability. The international press wrote " Where Metalium is on it, Metalium 's inside ." "Captain " Lars Ratz does not care about fashion trends and conducts his ship always in the musical waters, where he sees the strengths of the band and so reaps worldwide praise from the international press for their uncompromising consistency. After some line-up changes during the first two productions, the line-up stabilized from the third production: "Hero Nation - Chapter Three", and Metalium place with the signing Michael honor on drums not only a rock-solid drummer, but also a competent songwriter which deals with Lars Ratz ' songwriting style over ten years harmoniously complements to the dissolution of the band in 2010.

Metalium had active time worldwide fan clubs (called " Metalian Forces" ) in 19 countries and toured live by Europe and Japan.

The band worked on the album over and over again with famous guest musicians for single songs together, most of which were Lars Ratz ' heroes of his youth. Thus one hears on keyboards Ken Hensley (ex - Uriah Heep - ) and Don Airey ( Deep Purple, ex - Whitesnake, and ex - Ozzy Osbourne ). As a duet partner on " Infinite Love" joined to the side of Henning Basse, the 4 -octave voice of German musical size of Carolin Fort Bacher and Lars Ratz ' old companion Jutta Weinhold from common Velvet Viper times engages in the Metalium second production to the microphone in 2000.

On 13 September 2010, the band announced its dissolution on its website and thanked finally their fans for their loyalty 13 -year-old.

Lars Ratz, who lives now on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca, founded by Metalium guitarist Tolo Grimalt and the Argentine singer Alejandra Burgos, the band Rockaloca.

The two boys come from Heavy Metal, while the rough -voiced Latina comes from Bluesgefilden, which automatically finds himself in the middle of the musical " Rocks ". Rockaloca took in 2013 on their debut production.

Michael honor founded the band "Love Might Kill" and also rose in 2012 at the renowned metal band "Gamma Ray " as a permanent member.


  • Millennium Metal - Chapter One (1999)
  • State of Triumph - Chapter Two (2000)
  • Metalian Attack - Part I ( DVD) ( 2001)
  • Hero Nation - Chapter Three (2002)
  • As One - Chapter Four ( 2004)
  • Demons of Insanity - Chapter Five (2005)
  • Metalian Attack - Part II ( DVD) ( 2006)
  • Nothing to Undo - Chapter Six (2007)
  • Incubus - Chapter Seven (2008)
  • Grounded - Chapter Eight (2009)