As the metal processing is defined as the production and processing of metals shaped workpieces according to predefined geometric determinants ( subject to certain tolerances and surface quality ) and their assembly into functional products. The metal processing is a part of the production technology.

Metal processing is operated in a variety of sectors of industry and trade of jewelery making about the tool and mold to the automotive, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and bridge construction.

A distinction is made according to the method of metal processing in

  • Machining ( drilling, turning, milling, grinding, sawing, threading, engraving, etc. )
  • Non-cutting (bending, casting, hammering or Martellieren, embossing, hallmarking, forging, bustle, punching, rolling, drawing, etching, etc.)
  • Joining (welding, soldering, bonding, plating, etc.)

Or according to the type of metal (eg, heavy metal, light metal, non-ferrous metal and precious metal). The main groups of the manufacturing method according to DIN 8580 can all be applied to the metal processing.

Many professions have formed around the metal processing, eg

  • Blacksmith or blacksmith / locksmith (now metal fabricator, specializing in metal design )
  • Turner ( Machinist )
  • Etc.

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