Methoni, Pieria

40.4601622.582297Koordinaten: 40 ° 27 ' 37 "N, 22 ° 34' 56" E

( Called Μεθώνη Greek, Macedonian and Thracian or Methoni ) Methoni was a polis in Ancient Greece on the coast of the Thermaikos Gulf, near the city Pydna, at Nea Agathoupolis north of Methoni in today's Greek landscape Pieria.

Methoni was founded in the second half of the 8th century BC by settlers Eretrian that were previously distributed by Corinthian colonists from the island of Corfu. Originally wanted to return to her home town in Euboea Eretria the settlers after the expulsion from Corfu, but there were prevented by force of arms on shore leave. Therefore, the Methoner were from their neighbors οἱ ἀποσφενδόνητοι (about " the slung " ) called.

In contrast to the rest of Methoni Pieria was not dominated by Macedonia but was allies of Athens and since 334 BC, a member of both Athenian Seebünde. 355/354 BC, the city was the Macedonian King Philip II, who thereby lost an eye by an arrow besieged. The residents allowed Philip II after their surrender to the free passage; he let grind the city and distributed the land to the Macedonians.

Probably put the Apostle Paul from here his second missionary journey to Athens continued after he (today Veria ) Berea had left. ( Bible: Acts 17, 14:15 )