Metis (mythology)

Metis (Greek Μῆτις, " wise counselor " ) in Greek mythology, the first love of Zeus. Philosophically Metis is for the acumen of the episteme as " practical, complex, tacit knowledge " of the other three forms of knowledge, techne and phronesis is distinguished.


As the goddess Nemesis also knew Metis to transform itself in many forms and so Zeus long time to resist, as she wanted this for her lover. Zeus fathered with her, finally, the Athena, the pregnant Metis ate but: An oracle had prophesied to him, a daughter of Metis would be his equal, a son would overthrow him. After several stories gave birth to Zeus 's daughter by Hephaestus him - who was incidentally born without the help of Zeus by Hera alone - struck with a hammer or double ax to the head. From the split head Athena leaped far hallendem battle cry, in full armor and with its pointed javelin armed forth. A second child - a son who was also pregnant with the Metis - was not released, remained unborn and unnamed. The fact that Zeus swallowed Metis has, thus making himself the " God of the wise Council ".

When Michael Köhlmeier a variant is read, turned into the Metis in all sorts of plant and animal forms in order to escape the her -adjusting Zeus. However, when she turned into a fly, Zeus caught it and swallowed it. She crept through his veins, and was only fertilized in him. The pregnant Metis crept into his head. Zeus got pain, because the fruit of the womb pressed against his skull. Therefore, Hephaestus was called.

It is said that Metis was the most knowledgeable among gods and humans. Karl Kerényi refers to fragments of Chrysippus Stoicus, where it is even referred to as the " Bewirkerin all just things." She is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, and thus one of the 3000 Oceanids. After the Libraries of Apollodorus she helped Zeus to free his siblings who had Kronos swallowed up by giving him a means (salt water or water with mustard powder ) (or just the Council to do so), his tangled children vomited after its ingestion Kronos.

Astrologically Metis is associated with the planet Mercury.