Metropolitan Borough

A metropolitan borough is an administrative unit in England and an administrative sub- unit of a metropolitan county.

In 1974 a two-tier management system consisting of counties ( counties) and districts was introduced in England. Six metropolitan areas were thereby Metropolitan Counties, which were divided into Metropolitan District. These districts were given the opportunity to apply for the status of a Borough with the Queen. So did all the districts and thus became Metropolitan Boroughs. In contrast to the Non- Metropolitan District is one of the powers of the Metropolitan Boroughs and the inspectorate.

In 1986, the Councils of Metropolitan Counties were abolished and their duties were largely transferred to the Metropolitan Boroughs. These are thus virtually identical to the unitary authorities, but are usually not called that.

Some Metropolitan Boroughs also have the status of a City.

As Metropolitan Boroughs, the former London boroughs were referred from 1899 to 1965. After the formation of Greater London, these were replaced by the London boroughs.

List of Metropolitan Boroughs in England