Meyers Manx

Meyers Manx was an American automobile brand that was 1964-1971 by BF Meyers & Co. made ​​in Fountain Valley ( California). The company was founded by the engineer, artist, boat builder and surfer Bruce Meyers. Was built a beach buggy based on the VW Beetle.

Structure and history

The car consisted of a fiberglass body, which was mounted on the chassis of a VW Beetle. The little car had a shorter by 362 mm wheelbase than the Beetle, so it was easier and better controlled left. Therefore, the car can accelerate very quickly and has proved itself in the field.

The Meyers Manx attracted considerable attention when he won the unpredictable rally Mexican in 1000, the predecessor of the Baja 1000, where he let motorcycles, cars and trucks behind.

The Meyers Manx appeared in various films, such as those about Elvis Presley and The Thomas Crown Affair in 1968, contains a long beach hunting scene with highly tuned Meyers Manx equipped with six-cylinder boxer engine of the Chevrolet Corvair.

There about 6,000 original Meyers Manx sand buggies were built, but as the design was popular, there were many replicas (an estimated 250,000 copies worldwide ). Although there was already a patent on the design, Meyers lost the court case, the judge said that such a construction is not worthy of a patent. He opened the world's total industrial doors to Meyers ' constructions, so buggies are built in the wake until today. Most people recognize this body style commonly known as " beach buggy".

In 2000 Bruce Meyers raised again the interest of the customers when he opened the Meyers Manx, Inc. and the Classic Manx, a limited edition of 100 pieces series offered.

2002 Manx 2 2 and the Manx Dual Sport emerged. These models correspond in shape to the original Meyers Manx, but are for the full-length underbody of the VW Beetle thought. There are also tuned or otherwise modified versions.

In early 2009, Bruce Meyers introduced two new models with short wheelbase. The Kick Out, named after the last action that a surfer before reaching the beach, there is as yet in two variants. The more traditional is a revised version of the original Meyers Manx, who now has a front -hinged trunk lid, spread wings and better access to the engine. The SS version is much more modern and has kept in the trunk hood built-in lights, a curved windscreen, a curved hood and two torsion bars.


Meyers Manx