Mezhrabpom (acronym for Russian Международная рабочая помощь ( Межрабпом ), International Workers' Aid ) was a Soviet film company.


She was born on March 8, 1923 by the merger of the Rus and the Studio Established in 1922 film department of the International Workers' Aid as Mezhrabpom -Rus ( Межрабпом - Русь ) gegründet.Trotz state control by Sowkino she was able to retain a degree of autonomy. When you created approximately 600 films. The private limited company Studio Rus had hoped for an ideological cover its production of the merger with IAH, however, had been constantly attacked in the Soviet Union until its dissolution in 1936 as "bourgeois " and " unproletarisch " - while Mezhrabpom -Rus abroad as an example proletarian filmmaking was praised.

Mezhrabpom -Rus produced, among other films by Yakov Protasanow ( Aelita, 1924), Vsevolod Pudovkin ( The End of St. Petersburg, 1927) and Boris Barnet ( The Girl with the Hat Box, 1927).

From 1928 to 1936, the company acted under the name Mezhrabpom film ( Межрабпом - фильм ) and was 1928/29, jointly involved with the Prometheus film at two German -Soviet co-production. 1934, the studio was renamed " Rot Front ", German emigrants fleeing from the Nazis, should intervene and make the film about the Reichstag fire fighters here. But many of the German participants were still arrested during the shooting and fell victim to Stalin's terror.

After it was decided in 1935 to dissolve the IAH, its film division in Moscow went to the state film monopoly, 1936, the studio was closed. For the dissolution of the studio, there was the opinion of the Slavic scholar Eberhard Nembach because the Mezhrabpom movie barely see through the long term as an independent organization for the officials, much was to control for. In addition, the inscrutable foreign contacts would have let the Mezhrabpom film the suspicious officials appear suspicious. Then the Mezhrabpom film to Sojusdetfilm ( Союздетфильм ) was - primarily a workshop for children's films. From 1948 it operated under the name Gorky Film Studios.

Managing Director of Mezhrabpom -Rus and Mezhrabpom film were Francesco Misiano (about 1923-1934 ), Vladimir Babitzki (1934 ) and Timofei Samsonov ( 1934-1936 ).

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