MFA is an abbreviation for:

  • Made For AdSense, a term used for Internet pages, which solely serve the purpose of AdSense advertising ( Google) to place
  • Mafia Iceland airport to airport, Mafia, Pwani Region, Tanzania after the IATA code
  • Malta Football Association, the Maltese Football Association
  • Material flow analysis, detecting the transport processes and procedures, as well as bearings and unwanted visits of all materials in a company
  • Mauritius Football Association, the Football Association of Maritius
  • Medical Professional Employee ( until 31 July 2006: physician assistants ), works mainly in medical offices to support the doctors
  • Modular Front Architecture, vehicle platform, which is shared by a number of Mercedes- AMG and Nissan models ( Mercedes / AMG: A- Class, B -Class, CLA, GLA; Nissan: Infiniti Q30 )
  • Microcomputer for training
  • Microfilm archives of the German-language press
  • Military Technical Training
  • Missionary family work
  • Modular cab display, standardized arrangement of tachometer, Zug-/Bremskraftanzeige and indicator lights in railway vehicles (used on all newer locomotives of the DB AG)
  • Monofluoroacetic acid
  • Movimento the forcas Armadas, the forces of the Portuguese Carnation Revolution in 1974
  • Multi Fibre Arrangement (1974-2004), the world textile agreement
  • Multifunction display, trip computer with VW vehicles
  • Munich Film Academy, a state- approved film and drama school in Munich
  • Ammunition skilled workers, teaching for civilian employees of the Armed Forces
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA

M.F.A. is an abbreviation for:

  • Master of Fine Arts, an academic degree is awarded for degrees in the liberal arts, which are offered by art schools, see Master # Master of Fine Arts ( MFA)

MfA is an abbreviation for:

  • Moltke for Africa
  • Mono for All! , A German electro punk band
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