MG R-Type

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The MG R-Type was a racing car, the MG 1935 produced. It was intended for use in competitions and represented a further development of the Q -Type dar.

The car had a tuned version of the short stroke (73 mm) engine with vertical shaft drive and an overhead camshaft from the Morris Minor and Wolseley Ten of 1928. This engine was already heavily tuned for use in the Q -Type and you changed in further in particular in the intake duct in order to achieve greater reliability. They built a Zoller supercharger, which he (81 kW) made ​​110 bhp at 7,200 min -1. The engine power is transmitted via a four-speed gearbox code and a frame fixed differential in an aluminum housing to the rear wheels. The connection from the differential to the rear wheels has been accomplished on semi-axles with sliding sleeves, and universal joints.

The revolutionary steel chassis had the shape of a Y, with the central tube forked to the engine and transmission. It was very easy. The car was the first MG (and probably the first British car ever ) independent suspension, control arms and torsion bars, so there is a large spring travel was, at that time the bad race courses - especially Brooklands - took into account. It came lever shock absorbers are used. The drum brakes were operated by means of cables and had drums with 305 mm diameter. The wire spokes wheels had central locking.

The single-seater looked like a small Grand Prix racing car and had an easy removable aluminum body.

The car was offered for £ 750 and the first ten of which were delivered to selected customers. Another edition was planned, but was never built. 2006 a car for £ 130,000 - auctioned.

The first race took place at Brooklands in the International Trophy. Six cars were at the start (three factory cars ), but it could only be achieved 6th place, with none of the works cars finished the race. It was recognized that the landing gear made ​​difficulties, mainly because the rear suspension was too soft. They suggested various solutions, but as the new boss Leonard Lord closed the racing department of MG, all pertinent work was stopped. There was further commitments of private drivers and works cars were sold to the Evans family who already had one of the other cars.


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