MGM-13 Mace

MGM -13 Mace Martin was (English for lobe) a tactical ground - to-ground missile of the U.S. arms manufacturer manufacturer Martin, based on the cruise missile Matador.

Development and production

The development began in 1954, the first launch took place in 1956. The Mace could be launched from a mobile launcher or from a hardened bunker. The takeoff thrust gave a solid rocket boosters, in flight Mace was powered by an Allison J33 -A -41 turbojet. Two versions were built, the A version with a ATRAN (Automatic Terrain Recognition And Navigation ) navigation radar system and the B version with an inertial navigation system and extended range. The deployment began in 1959, and the rocket remained until the 70 years of the 20th century in use. The Mace could be fitted with a conventional or nuclear warhead. Some rockets were used as target drones because their flight performance of the aircraft was very similar.

Stationed in the Federal Republic of Germany

The command of the 38 th TMW Air Base Sembach (Pfalz ) were subject eg 12 Missile MGM - 13A Mace ( last 13 CGM B) in constant readiness to launch. As of September 25, 1966, the unit with 1962 soldiers in the 603 was converted rd Air Base Wing. In October 1966, the Mace were shipped to Rotterdam in the United States. As a new carrier, the Air Force used the aircraft F 100 and F 105