MGM Records

MGM Records was a record label of the Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer film studios.

The label was founded in 1946 to commercialize the soundtracks of the Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer film production directly. Later, pop music was released on the label and to the early 1950s, it was one of the great, so-called major labels. In Germany MGM recordings were licensed by the German Grammphon and marketed from 1959 as a sister label of Polydor under the MGM label. It also emerged German productions, especially with Connie Francis. In the 1960s, the sub label Cub Records was founded for the UK market and bought 1961 Verve Records by Norman Granz. 1972 MGM Records was sold to PolyGram and released in 1975.

1928 had, however, here's a company called Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer Records given. Meanwhile, music recordings, however, were not sold to the public, they came from MGM films, and were played in the foyer of the cinema.

MGM Records had, inter alia, The following artists under contract: