Michael Biegler

Michael Biegler on October 13, 2007 in a press conference

As of May 30, 2013

Michael "Beagle" Biegler ( born April 5, 1961 in Leichlingen ) is a German handball coach.

The qualified sports teacher began his coaching career in 1985 when LTV Wuppertal. In 1989, he then for one season on OSC Dortmund and then TSV Bayer Dormagen. He remained there until his move in 1994 to VfL Gummersbach, he coached until 1997. After that, he was instructor at GWD Minden to the 1998/99 season, where he was fired during the season and replaced by Alexander Rymanov. During the 1999/2000 season, he took over as coach of the SG Hameln, with which he succeeded in becoming the first Handball - Bundesliga. There he announced despite good start to the season after eleven games.

From 2000 to 2002 he coached the TSG Friesenheim. He was then under Christian Fitzek assistant coach at Frisch Auf Göppingen. When he got the offer in 2003 from relegation, William HV, he used an appropriate buy-out clause in his contract and moved in November of the year for WHV. On 16 January 2008 he was relieved of his duties at the WHV and took on January 29, 2008 post as head coach at SC Magdeburg. On 1 January 2010 changed Biegler as head coach for TV Großwallstadt. Biegler had signed a valid contract from July 1, 2010 in Great Wall City in the summer of 2009. Since the SCM planning a quick new start, both parties agreed to the early separation. On 30 November 2010, Großwallstadt again separated by Biegler.

Since October 1, 2012 Biegler is coach of the Polish national team as a successor of Bogdan Wenta. Since May 6, 2013, trained in addition to the second division SC DHfK Leipzig; the commitment expired at the end of the season 2012/13.

From 1993 to 1996, Biegler assistant coach of the German men's national team.

Biegler is also in demand as a goalkeeper coach; he was invited by the Brazilian Handball Federation in 2003 to train the Brazilian goalkeeper for the Pan American Handball Championships.