Michael Heizer

Michael " Mike" heater ( * November 4, 1944 in Berkeley, California ) is an internationally recognized artist and designer of artworks that were attributed to Land Art.

Life and work

Heater studied from 1963 to 1964 at the San Francisco Art Institute and moved in 1966 to New York. From winter 1967/68 realized heater the first Land Art and Earthworks, especially in the deserts of Nevada, Arizona and California. Since about 1970, he devoted himself, next to the sculpture complex in Nevada City, the creation of sculptures in wood and stone, creating monochrome images and abstract images.

Particularly impressive is the radical approach shows in his work Double Negative from 1969: With bulldozers and dynamite two 9 meters wide and 15 meters deep, exact linear incisions with a total length of more than 450 meters in the erosion edge of the desert plateau of Mormon Mesa were driven in Las Vegas. 240,000 tons of rock had to be moved to create a huge space, a tangible "negative" sculpture that is not as usual look from the outside, but which one should celebrate and learn as a meditative space with no pre-determined location.

With the intentions of the later burgeoning environmental movement, he had nothing in mind. " It's about art, not landscape ," said Michael heater expressly and defied all attempts so that country to interpret nature as an ecological landscape art.



  • Double Negative (1969-1970)