Michael Herck

Michael Herck (* August 4, 1988 in Bucharest ) is a Romanian- Belgian racing driver. He was 2008-2011 in the GP2 Series active.


Beginnings in motorsport

After Herck won nine league titles in karting, he moved in 2003 in the Formula Renault Winter Series Monza and drove in the following year in Formula Renault Monza. In 2004, he won the championship with five wins and 375 points. In addition Herck took both the Belgian, as well as at the Spanish Formula Junior, in which he was also Master, part.

2005 Herck drove in Formula 3 and won the Austrian championship. He also took part in several races of the German and British Formula 3 Championship. In 2006 he drove in the Formula 3 Euro Series for the team of Bas Leinders. He scored a total of twelve points and finished 15th in the championship. In addition, he again drove a few races in the British Formula 3 in 2007 started Herck in two races of the Formula 3 Euro Series and at 14 races of the Formula Renault 3.5. Starting for Comtec Racing it but did not succeed to score points.

GP2 Series

After Herck had two days of testing at Jerez in October 2007 for FMS International, he was obliged by the team of Formula 1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella for the first time held GP2 Asia Series in January. On the fourth race weekend in Sakhir be Herck broke his hand.

In late February it was announced that Herck was 2008 by David Price Racing obliged as teammate Diego Nunes. Due to his injury, he was unable to start in the first three race weekends, and was represented by Giacomo Ricci and Andy Souček. His GP2 debut Herck at the race in Magny -Cours. His best result was in eleventh place in the sprint race at Spa- Francorchamps. In the overall standings Herck was on the 30th place.

Herck stayed with David Price Racing and also denied the GP2 Asia Series season 2008/2009 and the GP2 Series 2009 season for the team, which belonged to his father Andre since the season starts. On the last weekend in Portimão Herck came in two races in the spotlight. In the main race, he drove in sixth place, but was later disqualified because his race car did not reach the minimum height required. During the sprint race Herck was involved in a serious accident at the start. After Vitaly Petrov had stalled his car, could Herck, who had started the last one, no more dodge and went on to Petrov. While Petrov was able to leave his car without help, Herck had to be recovered by rescue teams. The race management, which had interrupted the race, then announced that Herck had suffered a shock. In addition Herck participated in this year at some races of the Formula Renault 3.5 and the Euro Series 3000.

In the 2009/2010 GP2 Asia Series season, the Romanian drove again for David Price Racing. After he had scored his first points in GP2 Asia Series in the feature race at the Yas Marina Circuit, him in the sprint race in second managed his first podium placement. At the end of the season, he finished 13th overall. In the 2010 season the regular GP2 Herck stayed with David Price Racing. After he had scored his first points in GP2 Series during race weekend in Istanbul, a race weekend in Valencia was later followed with a third place his first podium placement in the GP2 series. At the end of the season he improved to 16th place overall.

After David Price Racing has his commitment in the GP2 series set at the end of the 2010 season, Herck came from the GP2 Asia Series 2011 season for Scuderia Coloni for which it already in 2008, when the team still FMS International said, was started on. With regular points finishes, he finished eighth in the GP2 Asia Series. Then started Herck for Coloni in the GP2 series. While his team-mate Luca Filippi, who had come only in the middle of the season to team, was runner and won three races, Herck finished the season with a sixth place as best result on top of the 21 championship course. He also took part in a race weekend of the Formula Renault 3.5 for Pons Racing.


Herck has both the Romanian and the Belgian citizenship. While he started his career with a Belgian license at the beginning, he drives with Romanian license since May 2007.

Career stations

  • 2003: Formula Renault Monza, Winter Series (8th place )
  • 2004: Formula Renault Monza (Master)
  • 2004: Spanish Formula Junior ( champion)
  • 2004: Belgian Formula Renault (11th )
  • 2005: Austrian Formula 3 (Master)
  • 2005: British Formula 3
  • 2005: German Formula 3
  • 2006: Formula 3 Euro Series (No. 15)
  • 2006: British Formula 3
  • 2007: Formula Renault 3.5
  • 2007: Formula 3 Euro Series
  • 2008: GP2 Asia Series ( No. 23 )
  • 2008: GP2 Series (No. 29)
  • 2009: GP2 Asia Series ( No. 33 )
  • 2009: GP2 Series ( No. 23 )
  • 2009: Euro Series 3000 ( 14th)
  • 2009: Formula Renault 3.5 (ranked 23)
  • 2010: GP2 Asia Series (No. 13)
  • 2010: GP2 Series (No. 16)
  • 2011: GP2 Asia Series (8th place )
  • 2011: GP2 Series (No. 21)
  • 2011: Formula Renault 3.5 ( ranked 36 )