Michael Jackson's Ghosts

  • Michael Jackson (Maestro / Mayor / Ghoul Mayor / Superghul / skeleton)
  • Pat Dade (Pat )
  • Amy Smallman (Amy )
  • Rey- Phillip Santos ( Ghultänzer )
  • Heather Ehlers ( Heather )
  • Kendall Cunningham (Kendall )
  • Mos Def ( Dante )
  • Shawnette Heard ( Shawnette )
  • Edwina Moore ( Edwina )
  • Loren Randolph ( Loren )
  • Seth Smith ( Seth ), among others

Ghosts ( Alternative title Michael Jackson 's Ghosts ) is a music video that is based on the classic horror films such as Frankenstein or Dracula. Michael Jackson worked for Ghosts along with the horror novels for its famous writer Stephen King, who said to have had the idea for this film. Film was directed by special effects artist Stan Winston. Responsible for the make-up effects of the Oscar winner Rick Baker was ( including American Werewolf and Men in Black ). Because of the low success rate in the U.S., the film was not shown in German cinemas.


The citizens of a small town feel harassed by a strange and sinister man called Maestro, who lives in a creepy house. One day the mayor decides to go with a few people high up on the hill where Maestro lives to tell him that he should leave the city. When they arrived there, the mayor is trying to persuade Maestro to leave the city. Maestro but does not want to so easily sell. He also wants the mayor, a man who seems to be afraid of nothing, absolutely scare, which at first do not succeed him. Maestro begins with his ghouls to sing and dance. In contrast to the mayor, he is the other people always sympathetic. Finally, it is possible Maestro to scare the mayor so much that this is running away in panic. People have found that Maestro but is not such a bad guy.

After the credits, nor is a short making-of.


Michael Jackson sings in Ghosts following songs:

  • 2 bath
  • Is It Scary?
  • Ghosts

Ghosts and Is It Scary? on the album Blood on the Dance Floor - HIStory in the Mix erschienen.2 bath was already on the album HIStory: Past, Present and Future published. The song Ghosts has also appeared on the HIStory / Ghosts single. In the credits Ghosts can be heard only in the incomplete demo.

Ghosts was published in 1997 to LD in a limited edition. Also, the short film was released on VHS (there is also a Deluxe Collector Box Set - Limited Edition with extras ) published and 2001 on VCD. In addition, the film on TV ( and Others on Sat.1 ) was shown. Music channels such as MTV showed a montage of the film that was backed with the song Ghosts. VH1 showed the nearly 1-hour making-of in the summer of 2013.