Michael Lewis

Michael M. Lewis ( * October 15, 1960 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States) is an American writer and business journalist. His books deal primarily, but not exclusively, concerned with questions of investment banking.


Lewis attended Isidore Newman prep school in New Orleans and then studied art history at Princeton University. After his B. A. In 1982, he first worked for the New York art dealer Daniel Wildenstein, then wrote, however, at the London School of Economics and received an MA in 1985 in economics.

Then Lewis graduated from training in New York at the investment bank Salomon Brothers, for which he spent three years working in London then. His experience is processed in 1989 in the book " Liar's Poker" ( German: Wall Street poker), in which he reported using the immorality and cynicism of the money business. The book became an international bestseller.

2010 Lewis published The Big Short: How a handful of traders gambled the world, a detailed report about the background of the real estate crisis of 2007 that led to the collapse of banking giant Lehman Brothers and the global economic crisis.

Lewis' biographical report on the football player Michael Oher is an essential part of his football analysis " The Blind Side" and was filmed in 2009 with Sandra Bullock, Kathy Bates and Tim McGraw. Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman, based on Lewis' non-fiction book Moneyball (2003) - In 2011, the Oscar -nominated feature film appeared to win the art.

In his book, Flash Boys. A Wall Street Revolt. of 2014, he investigated high frequency trading on U.S. exchanges and revealed that a small group of traders have pushed with special technical equipment between the stock exchanges and any other broker. Due to their superior market access they can gain a tiny advantage for themselves with any business of the other dealer. The publication of the book and an excerpt in the New York Times in late March 2014 sparked debates concerning financial supervision, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the FBI announced that they would determine for some time because of appropriate charges.

Michael Lewis now works as business editor of the U.S. magazine Vanity Fair.


  • Wall Street Poker. 1989 ( Original title: Liar's Poker), ISBN 3-430-15985-7.
  • Pacific Rift ( 1991)
  • Money noise. 1991 ( Original title: The Money Culture), ISBN 3-430-15986-5.
  • Trail Fever: Spin Doctors, Rented Strangers, Thumb Wrestlers, Toe Suckers, Grizzly Bears, and Other Creatures on the Road to the White House (1997)
  • Losers: The Road to Everyplace but the White House (1998)
  • The New New Thing. A Silicon Valley Story ( 2000) dt: All power to the new. ISBN 3-430-15988-1.

Journal articles (selection)

  • The Ballad of Big Mike (New York Times, 2006)
  • The Man Who Crashed the World ( Vanity Fair, 2009)
  • Betting on the Blind Side ( Vanity Fair, 2010)


The following books by Michel Lewis were filmed:

  • Moneyball: The Art of Winning on Unfair Game ( 2011) with Brad Pitt
  • The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game ( 2009) with Sandra Bullock
  • Next: The Future Just Happened (2001)


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