Michael Robertson (businessman)

Michael Robertson ( born 1967) is an American entrepreneur. Robertson is the founder and director of the company Linspire, Inc. (formerly Lindows, Inc.), which establishes the Linux distribution Linspire (formerly Lindows ) and markets. Robertson has faced in the past with massive legal battles because Microsoft sees a copyright infringement on behalf of their product Windows. Finally, the lawsuit was dismissed by Microsoft and Linspire was allowed to keep the name. After that, both have extrajudicially suitable. Microsoft was willing to pay $ 20 million to $ Lindows, so that Lindows is renamed. Since the called Lindows Linspire.

In addition, Michael Robertson founder of ajax13, a software company that is trying with web applications based on Ajax to replace conventional applications.

Existing Programs: Ajax Write ( word processing ), Ajax Sketch (vector drawing), eyespot ( video editing ), AjaxXLS ( spreadsheet ), Ajax Tunes ( Media Player )