Michael Sladek

Michael Sladek (* 1946 in Murrhardt near Stuttgart) is a living in Schönau im Schwarzwald German doctor and environmental activist.

After the Chernobyl accident in 1986, he was known by the realization of an independent system of nuclear power plants for generating electric power by distributed mini power plants.

Through his system, which combines a strategy of efficiency and energy saving with the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources and combined heat and power, it was possible to meet the power needs of the city Schönau im Schwarzwald without nuclear-generated electricity. Due to his initiative, supported by his wife and friends, finally emerged the EWS Schönau. Thus, the town of Schönau was the first community, which is completely independent from the generation of nuclear power. By now offer the EWS "clean" electricity throughout Germany at reasonable prices.

Since October 6, 2009 Michael Sladek is on the board of he co-founded Citizens' Initiative energy in citizens hands. He has a further supervisory posts in the Citizens Energy Berlin, a cooperative iG on the planned takeover of the Berlin electricity grid from 2014, including together with Lukas Beckmann.

He is married to Ursula Sladek.