Michael Sprott

Michael Sprott ( born January 16, 1975 in Reading) is a British heavyweight boxer.


As an amateur Sprott achieved a third place in 1996 and second place in the British Championships 1995 at super heavyweight. Participation in the 1996 Olympic Games he failed because he failed the qualifying tournament to Jean -Francois Bergeron.

Professional career

Sprott 1996 pro. 1998 and 2000, he cashed early defeats against two unknown opponents English. Sprott has only relatively little clout, has an average buyer skills that is normal boom, but is generally fit and has above average technical qualities.

In 2001, he caused a stir when he beat Timo Hoffman, who had previously only lost against Vitali Klitschko on points. The direct rematch against Hoffmann in Germany he lost officially, but remains controversial points. Corrie Sanders knocked him in South Africa in the same year in the first round.

In 2002 he got the opportunity to fight the heavyweight title of Britain and the Commonwealth. Although he lost prematurely against Danny Williams, but could make the fight completely balanced and showed that he belongs at least in the UK, if not Europe's top class. Later in the year, but he had a rare knockout victory over his hard-hitting compatriot Pele Reid. After a further six victories came the rematch with Williams, and again he went to good performance KO. The third encounter with Williams in January 2004, he was then able to decide on points in his favor. The belt he had, however, already in his first title defense in April 2004 leave, he lost by knockout in the twelfth round against Matt Skelton.

Against the previously undefeated Cengiz Koç him in 2005 succeeded in winning the European Championship, the European champion Paolo Vidoz but he lost on points. Then he lost on points against highly controversial Volodymyr host ski.

In 2006 he again won the European Championship, but went in the next fight against the undefeated amateur star Ruslan Chagayev KO. In November 2006, he defeated René Dettweiler at a defense of his European title.

On 17 February 2007, he landed the biggest win of his career when he defeated Olympic gold medalist Audley Harrison. He was in the first round at the bottom, but could Harrison hit hard knockout in the third round with a left hook.


An uproar, it came on 15 September 2012, when Sprott in Bamberg lost against the German heavyweight Edmund Gerber by TKO in the 4th round. The angry about the unjust in his eyes fight demolition Sprott pushed the referee to the ground and was therefore subject to a three month battle lock. On December 15, 2012 - exactly one day after the expiration of the lock - Sprott met again in Germany. This time he defeated Edmund Gerber on points.