Michael Torke

Michael Torke ( born September 22, 1961 Milwaukee, USA) is an American composer, primarily for orchestral music.

Torke, who learned in his childhood and youth piano and bassoon wrote, early first compositions for his local youth orchestra. He studied piano and composition at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester (New York). After graduating, he began graduate studies at Yale University in New Haven, but what he soon broke off to work in New York as a professional musician.

His most famous work is " Javelin " ( in German: spear ), composed in 1994, which is part of the official album " Summon The Heroes" of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta was. It is called a representative of the post- minimalism.

In 2003, Michael Torke with Ecstatic Music own record label. He has since early childhood about perfect pitch and has a tone -color synesthesia.

Works (selection)

  • Music on the Floor
  • Four Proverbs
  • Javelin
  • Color Music
  • Rapture