Michael Ventris

Michael George Francis Ventris (* July 12, 1922; † September 6, 1956 ) was an English architect and linguist. Ventris deciphered in 1952 along with John Chadwick, the Linear B, a common in the Mycenaean and Minoan script.

Life and work

Was an early age Ventris as a linguist. When he 14 years old Arthur Evans, the discoverer of the Minoan civilization, met and learned that the font " Linear B " has not yet been deciphered, he showed great interest. At the age of 18, he sent an article to a journal, which was published, in which he criticized existing translations. Ventris studied architecture and then worked for the Royal Air Force. During his actual activity he always spoke with Linear B. By a TV show in which Ventris on Linear B, was attentive John Chadwick on Ventris.

With the decipherment of Linear B Ventris and Chadwick reported in 1956 after that the order recorded speech of the oldest known Greek dialect was. Ventris and Chadwick based their decipherment to the introduced by Emmett Bennett character set and the index card system " Kobertriplets " by Alice Kober, which retains all the character of Linear B with different endings.

At the age of 34 years, Michael Ventris died on 6 September 1956, following a traffic accident.