Michael York (actor)

Michael York OBE ( born March 27, 1942 in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire; actually Michael Hugh Johnson ) is a British actor. In the 1970s, York was popular in youthful hero roles such as as d'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers or Logan 5 in the escape into the 23rd century.

Life and work

York studied the early 1960s at Oxford University and attended the drama classes. Here he made his first stage experience, which initially brought him as an actor at the Scottish Theatre in Dundee, before switching to Laurence Olivier's National Theatre in London. There he worked with the Italian director Franco Zeffirelli, who then gave him his first film role.

His second film with Zeffirelli was to be his international breakthrough. He played in Romeo and Juliet 1968 " Tybalt ". A highlight of his career was the male lead in Bob Fosse's Cabaret in 1972 on the side of Liza Minnelli. Its probably the most popular part he played in 1973/74 as D' Artagnan in The Three Musketeers / The Four Musketeers - The Revenge of Milady, directed by Richard Lester.

During the 1970s, York also took roles in popular films such as Murder on the Orient Express or escape into the 23rd century. From the 1980s were found for him but hardly important film roles. He works regularly for television. Starting in 1997, played York three times the superior of the bizarre secret agents " Austin Powers ".

Michael York survived to this day in England, and is married to Patricia McCallum since 1968. He was appointed an Officer of the British Empire ( OBE), continues to play theater, can be seen in numerous television and movies and reading for audio book recordings. In the years 2003/2004 York stood for the successful U.S. series Gilmore Girls in the role of Yale Professor " Asher Fleming " in front of the camera.