Michel Pollentier

Michel Pollen animal ( born February 13, 1951 in Diksmuide, West Flanders ) is a former Belgian cyclist.

His greatest achievement was probably winning the Giro d' Italia in 1977, which is also the title Sportsman of the Year which he won in the same year in Belgium. In the same year he was able to win the Tour de Suisse with a lead of 58 seconds on Lucien van Impe and was Belgian champion. This championship title in 1978 he was able to successfully defend.

Other successes included victories in the Tour of Belgium (1976 ), in Dauphiné Libéré (1978), as well as the Tour of Flanders (1980). He celebrated a total 89 professional victories.

Pollen animal was involved throughout his career in several doping incidents. After he was already blocked in 1977 for one month on probation, he was excluded from the 1978 Tour de France. After he had just taken the yellow jersey at L' Alpe d' Huez, failed in his attempt to manipulate the doping test using a urine bag hidden under the armpit.


  • Flandria Shimano ( 1973)
  • Flandria Carpenter (1974-1975)
  • Flandria - Velda (1976-1978)
  • Splendor Euro Soap ( 1979)
  • Splendor - Admiral (1980 )
  • Vermeer - Thijs (1981 )
  • Safir -Marc (1982 )
  • Safir - Van de Ven (1983-1984)