Mickey 3D

Mickey 3D is a rock band from France, who first appeared in publication in 1996. The group is known primarily for their critical texts, rocking music and unusual sound elements.


The foundation of the band goes on the singer Mickaël Furnon (called " Mickey" ), who (founded 1988) in 1996 as a guitarist in the English-speaking group 3DK participated. At that time he started a " Mickey 3D" called solo project and recorded two tapes, but remained fairly ineffective. Only after Aurélien Joanin ( called Jojo " ) to met and shared a third band was included reaches the band from Écotay - l'Olme local ( in Saint- Étienne ) awareness (especially by the radio station Radio Dio ), and finally released a first album: Mistigri Torture.

Inspired by artists like Christophe Miossec Mickey 3D have made ​​a name ever since. Her most biggest hit Respire in 2004 was also in Switzerland the Top 10



  • 2003: Prix Constantin
  • 2004: Victoires de la musique Rock Album of the Year (Tu vas pas mourir de rire )
  • Video Clip of the Year ( Respire )
  • Song of the Year ( Respire )