Mickey Hawks

David Michael " Mickey" Hawks ( born July 17, 1940 in Thomasville, Davidson County, North Carolina; † August 31, 1989 ) was an American rock and roll musician and pianist.

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Childhood and youth

Mickey Hawks was born in 1940 in Thomasville, which is about nine miles from Winston- Salem. His family moved to High Point in 1942 near the border of Virginia, where Hawks was growing up, and from the age of 13 learned from his mother to play the piano. On the radio he heard pop and country music; he was influenced among others by Ernest Tubb and Louis Armstrong.


In 1956, when the rock and roll changed the entire music world, left Hawks pop and country. Decisive by Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino, but especially inspired by Little Richard, he formed his own band, the Rhythm Rockers, and played at high school events. At this time Moon Mullins had a rockabilly band that was Night Raiders in High Point, which can be heard daily on the radio and the only one of its kind in the area. Hawks ' drummer knew Mullins and Hawks was finally in 1957 as a singer in Mullins ' band included. Drummer Bob Mathews came up with Hawks in the Night Raiders, which existed alongside Mullins from Bill Ballard and John Owens.

In 1958, the first session was produced in Greensborough in a small garage studio. Hawks had this Bip Bop Boom wrote the title that came out on the small Robbins Red label in May 1958, an edition of 500 plates. Shortly after single was re-released in Mart Records. As Hawks and played the Raiders Night in Sanford, North Carolina, in a club, she was discovered by Ian Thomas, who brokered to label owner Mike Dury. Dury took Hawks and Mullins ' Night Raiders for three years for profiles Records and put Bip Bop Boom in the fall of 1958, new to. The single sold over 50,000 copies in the Midwest and was weeks course -one in Chicago. Even in Johannesburg, South Africa, was the title at the top of the local charts.

1959 a further session was organized to repeat the success in the Universal Record Studio in Chicago. There were Hidi, Hidi, Hidi, Screamin ' Mimi Jeanie, I'm Lost, Late Date Tonight, Down the Road a Piece, and the instrumental Cottonpickin ' recorded; of these six titles, two singles were released. Hidi, Hidi, Hidi could assert in 1959 with moderate success and in June 1960 wrote the Billboard magazine about Screamin ' Mimi Jeanie: "A wild and pounding blues. The lead vocal is really blows his stack here, in the style of earlier Little Richard offerings. An exciting side ". ; but the success could not be repeated.

A year later, Hidi, Hidi, Hidi / Cottonpickin 'was released on the Hunch - back label, new recordings no longer made ​​Hawks and the Night Raiders, however. The group played together then continue and was hired as a house band in Mullins ' Club Moon 's Dance Country. After some changes in the occupation of the Night Raiders parted to 1968. Most members played after that in other groups.

Hawks himself gave the music to never. In 1968, he took with Moon Mullins and Gwynn Kellum on a single. 1977 and 1982 Bip Bop Boom / Rock'n'Roll Rhythm been re-released in the United Kingdom and Sweden while in Germany in 1985 at Dee- Jay Jamboree Records an EP with Hawks ' old recordings came out. During this time, Hawks also traveled several times to Europe, where he graduated appearances. His last single was released in 1989, C -Horse, together with his first album Invites You to Go Back in Time with Mickey Hawks and the Sounds of the 50's. Mickey Hawks died the same year. He was 49 years old.



  • Jammin '
  • Way Out Willie
  • Down the Road a Piece
  • Late Date Tonight
  • Jambalaya
  • You Win Again