Micro-Star International

Micro-Star International ( MSI) (Chinese微星 科技, Pinyin Wei Xing Keji, Tiny Star ' ), a manufacturer of computer hardware, was founded in August 1986 in Taiwan. The company's headquarters is located in Zhonghe District of the city of New Taipei City.


MSI is among consumers especially as a manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards for PCs known, but also offers also different products in the area of ​​computer accessories, complete systems and notebooks.

Graphics Card: MSI N560GTX -Ti Twin Frozr II / OC

Notebook: MSI PR200 Crystal Collection

Main divisions of MSI are:

  • Notebook
  • All-in -One PC
  • Graphics Cards
  • Motherboard
  • Multimedia
  • Desktop
  • IPC
  • Communication

The brand name Microstar heard in Germany the company Medion, which also products - refers MSI - mainly motherboards and graphics cards.

In June 2012, MSI presented at the Taiwan IT show Computex in Taipei before his first Slider Ultrabook under the name Slider S20, which can be used thanks to the touchscreen, in conjunction with the Slider art as a tablet. The device is provided with a 11.6 -inch display has a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels.


Under the name Winki a Linux system is pre-installed on a special flash memory in some MSI motherboards, which is to provide a compact, secure and virus fast -starting system for basic tasks such as surfing the Internet.


The company employs approximately 16,900 people and has operating facilities in China and Taiwan. Revenues amounted in 2005 to € 1.52 billion.